From: (Matt Moots)
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Subject: ATA DTDs and HyTime Guide
Date: 2 Mar 1996 18:15:34 GMT
Organization: Phoenix Data Labs
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A couple of months back there was an inquiry about the availability of the ATA 
DTDs on a public forum.

We have recently completed posting the major DTDs as they stand today.  The 
vast majority of these DTDs are in a revisionary state, so please be 

Additionally, we have also posted the "HyTime Application Development Guide" 
on our server in the PDF format.  This is *NOT* the most current version that 
Ralph Ferris has just released.  We will convert and post this as soon as 
possible.  We have posted basic configuration instructions for the Acrobat 
Reader and it is available for download from the server as well.

The DTDs and HyTime Guide are available at:

Comments and recommendations are more than welcome.

Matt Moots / Bill Kleinsteiber