SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference, Singapore

SGML Asia-Pacific '95 - the only conference of its kind in the Pacific Rim, is planned for Singapore, 23-25 October. Representatives from around the world and a variety of different industries will share their SGML experiences. You will have the opportunity to meet the experts, learn from real life experiences, and view tools and technologies that will increase the ease at which you use SGML.

Overview of Conference

Date:       22 October 1995 (Tutorial)
            23-25 October 1995 (Conference Program)
Venue:      The Regent Hotel,  Singapore
Organizers: Graphics Communications Association, USA
             National Computer Board , Singapore
Web Page:
Contact:    Dr. Tan Eng Siong
	    Phone: 770-5992      Fax: 779-1827

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)

Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is an international standard (ISO 8879) used for document representation and electronic interchange. It is being used by an ever-increasing number of organizations to facilitate the creation, management, storage and delivery of document-based information. As a standard, SGML goes far beyond the goal of information interchange; it is also a tool for managing and protecting an organizations data assets.

Topics for Discussion:

This conference will include speakers from around the globe, and provide a forum for discussion from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Topics to be discussed include:

SGML and the World Wide Web

The growing popularity of SGML is also being fueled by the explosion of the World Wide Web . HTML, the document format used on the World Wide Web, is only a special instance of SGML. The conference includes a number of events focusing on the use of SGML on the World Wide Web:

Keynote Speakers are


22 October

23 October

24 October

25 October

If you are an SGML Novice:

Plan to attend the Introduction tutorials on Sunday, 22 October. These tutorials will provide a basic overview on SGML for those who are just beginning or would like to review existing knowledge. It is recommended that all beginners attend prior to the conference.

You should attend SGML Asia-Pacific if:

Table Top Demonstrations:

Software products are critical to all SGML implementations. SGML Asia-Pacific will include technical demonstrations of a wide variety of SGML tools. Scheduled sessions will be dedicated to demonstrations by the technical staff of developers. If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please contact the conference committee person in your region.

COMDEX/Asia at Singapore Informatics '95:

Plan to attend COMDEX/ASIA at Singapore Informatics '95 which immediately follows SGML Asia-Pacific '95. Singapore Informatics is a leading Information Technology (IT) event in the Asian region. COMDEX shows are the world's premier IT events. For COMDEX/ Asia details call (65) 284-8844 or Fax (65) 286-5754.

Speakers from countries around the globe will be represented: Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore Taiwan, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Canada and USA.

Sunday, 22 October * Pre-Conference Tutorials

8:00 Tutorial Registration

9:00 - 12:00 Introduction to SGML Business

Nick Carr, Allette Systems
This tutorial is designed for people interested in understanding the management and economics of implementing SGML in addition to general technical principles. Not designed to "sell" SGML, the intention of the tutorial is to set realistic expectations of the demands of SGML. People who should attend are those with only a cursory knowledge of SGML, or those who are interested in putting for ward a business case for SGML.

9:00-17:00 ABCs of DSSSL

Sharon Adler and Anders Berglund, Electronic Book Technologies; James Clark, Consultant
This course will give you a basic overview of the concepts and terminology of the Document Style Semantics and Specifications Language (DSSSL). Its relationship to HyTime will also be discussed.

9:00 -17:00 HTML and Internet Publishing

Jeff Suttor, Passage Systems
This one-day overview of Internet publishing provides students with all the information they need to deliver information via the World Wide Web. The course discusses strategies and tactics that will ensure a successful transition to internet publishing.

13:00 - 17:00 Introduction to SGML Technical Issues

Nick Carr, Allette Systems
This tutorial is designed for those new to SGML, but with an understanding of traditional software development. Among other topics, it covers the basic components of an SGML application, the relationship between SGML and multimedia objects, and programming in the SGML environment. People who should attend are those with an understanding of programming or text processing and a basic comprehension of SGML principles. For those new to SGML, this tutorial is only recommended after first completing the Business Introduction Tutorial.

Monday, 23 October * SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference

7:30 Registration

9:00 Conference Welcome, Norman W Scharpf; President, GCA

9:15 International SGML News

Nick Carr, Allette systems, Australia; Seet Chern Hway, Information Technology Institute, National Computer Board, Singapore; and Robin Masson, Uniscope, Japan
Up to the minute information on SGML implementations around the globe.

9:45 Keynote: Making the Business Case for SGML, Graham Marshall, Managing Director, Butterworths Asia

10:15 Break

10:45 Making SGML Work with Asian Character Sets

James Clark, Consultant
The technical keynote will described how SGML can work with Asian character sets. Can SGML properly support Asian character sets? The language of the World Wide Web is HTML, which is an application of SGML. Can HTML be made to support Asian languages and still remain a conforming application of SGML? The most recent addition to the SGML family of standards is the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL). How does this standard support Asian languages?

11:30 Standard Page Description Language (SPDL) and the Future of Print-On-Demand

Jeremiah Woolsey, QMS
This presentation looks at how Print-On-Demand technologies are enabled under the new Standard Page Description Language (SPDL) standard ISO-EIC 10180, as well as other developing network standards for printing. Other topics to be discussed include: the SGML "wrapper" in SPDL, compressed CCITT-G4 image stamping and repagination, extended font definitions required for Asian character sets, electronic forms management, and GUls for network printer management.

l2:00 Lunch

l3:30 SGML and Infrastructure Projects Chair: Robin Masson, Uniscope

15:00 Break

15:30 CALS Initiatives Chair: Nick Carr, Allette Systems

15:30 Multibyte/Multilingual Chair: James Clark, Consultant

17:00 Exhibits and Reception

Tuesday 24 October * SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference

8:30 SGML Implementation, Conversion, and Management issues Chair: Nick Carr, Allette Systems

10:00 Break

10:30 SGML Implementation, Conversion, and Management Issues, (continued)

11:30 Poster Session

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Airline Industry Forum Chairs: Freelon Hunter, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Mike Bryan, Qantas >

13:30 SGML and Wire Services Chair: Seet Chern Hway, National Computer Board

15:00 Break

15:30 The Pinnacles Component Information Standard, and SGML Interchange Standard for Semiconductor Information Chair: Tommie Usdin, ATLIS Consulting Group
The Pinnacles Component Information Standard (PCIS) is an SGML application for the interchange of technical information (such as datasheets, databooks, and application notes) about semiconductor and electric component information. It was developed by the Pinnacles Group, a consortium of 5 semi-conductor manufacturers. In this overview of the PCIS, members of the Pinnacles Group and one of the SGML developers of the draft standard will discuss the goals of the PCIS, the process of developing it, the major aspects of the SGML architecture, the current state of development and implementation, and the future of the PCIS.

17:00 Exhibits and Reception

19:00 Dinner

Wednesday, 25 October * SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference

9:00 SGML and Internet Publishing Chair: Nick Carr, Allette Systems

10:00 SGML Applications Chair: Lani Hajagos, Frame Technologies

11:00 Break

11:30 SGML Applications (continued)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Closing Keynote: The Evolution of Electronic Publishing

John McFadden, President, Exoterica
Structured documents lie on a natural progression from lead type to rich information databases. Mr. McFadden will present an economic model which attempts to explain the evolution of organization and the market place through the various forms of paper and electronic delivery.

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Hotel Information:

Graphic Communications Association has reserved a block of rooms at The Regent Hotel, 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore. The hotel is located adjacent to the city's shopping and entertainment area and a few minutes from the city's business district. GCA has negotiated a special rate of S$200 single/double and S$340 for executive suites. Contact the hotel directly at (65) 739-3017 or Fax at (65) 7388931 and identify yourself as a Graphic Communications Association SGML Asia Pacific Conference registrant to qualify for this reduced rate. Make reservations by 1 October, 1995. After this date, space can not be guaranteed.

Exhibitor Information

To reserve space in the table top exhibition contact; Joy Blake Graphic Communications Association Phone: (1) 703 519-8177 Fax: (1) 703 548-2867. Email:

Registration Information

Complete this registration form and return this to CGA. Make necessary reservations with the hotel. All fees, check and/or credit card information must accompany registration.
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Conference Registration Fees

Regular fees:
    1st Registrant	US $850
    *2nd Registrant	US $650
    *3rd Registrant	US $450
GCA Member Discount Rates:
    1st Registrant 	US $700
    *2nd Registrant	US $550
    *3rd Registrant	US $450

* same company, same address

Tutorial Fees

Tutorials are optional, registration fees are not included in the conference fee. Tutorials are held on 22 October 1995.
                                                    GCA mem   Non GCA
 9:00-12:00 Introduction to SGML Business           US $95    US $125
13:00-17:00 Introduction to SGML. Technical Issues  US $95    US $125
 9:00-17:00 The Nuts and bolts of HyTime            US $150   US $195
 9:00-17:00 ABC's of DSSSL                          US $150   US $195
 9:00-17:00 HTML and Internet Publishing            US $150   US $195

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