SGML: SGML Asia-Pacific

SGML: SGML Asia-Pacific

Standards for

Document and Information Management

SGML Asia-Pacific,

The Regent Hotel, The Republic of Singapore,

10-12 October 1994

(Preliminary Announcement)


The Standard Generalized Markup Language ( SGML ), the International Standard being adopted worldwide for computer-based text information management, is the focus of this new conference for the Asia-Pacific region. Panels will review information superhighway initiatives and the role that SGML will play. Presentations will focus on applications of SGML in other countries and specific industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, commercial airline, financial services and reference and commercial publishing. Throughout the conference, there will be discussions and explanations of hypertext and multimedia potentials employing a related international standard, HyTime.

IT2000, the information superhighway initiative of the National Computer Board of Singapore, will be the focus of Mr. Ko's keynote. He is the major force behind the initiative and will review its implications for various industry and governmental segments, nationally and internationally. To make full use of the information superhighway, information needs to be organized for manipulation, access and dissemination. That organization requires standards, with SGML as the core. As Yuri Rubinsky, President of SoftQuad, Inc. in Canada says "The Information Highway without standards is a parking lot." This linkage will be explored further by Dr. Goldfarb, the author of SGML, in his keynote.

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