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ArborText Announces XML Styler

Leverages Extensible Style Language (XSL) Support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (Jan. 27, 1998) - ArborText, the world's leading provider of content creation and management software for Enterprise XML applications, today announced the availability of XML Styler, a stylesheet editor for the Extensible Markup Language (XML). Concurrent with the announcement, ArborText and Microsoft Corporation will be offering demonstrations of Extensible Style Language (XSL) support in Internet Explorer 4.0 at the Web Tech Ed Conference in Palm Springs. Additional demonstrations will be provided by ArborText at Internet Showcase in San Diego immediately following Web Tech Ed.

XSL is the style specification language being developed in conjunction with the XML initiative. In September, a proposal for the XSL specification was submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) by ArborText, Inso and Microsoft.

ArborText's XML Styler is a tool for creating and modifying XSL stylesheets that offers a graphical user interface designed to enable Web content providers to work with XSL stylesheets without requiring understanding of the many syntactic and structural details of XSL.

Extensible Style Language allows for the seamless Web presentation of documents based on XML and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), telling a Web browser how to present media-independent information through a separation of form and content.

"XML Styler is a major breakthrough for XML to deliver on its vast application potential," said Jim Sterken, president, CEO and founder of ArborText. "There are literally millions of existing documents that can be translated on-the-fly into XML, and our demonstrations with Internet Explorer 4.0 show that browser support for XML stylesheets is not just 'proof-of-concept' - it is real."

XML Styler streamlines the process of developing and altering these stylesheets. To achieve maximum portability, XML Styler is based on Java code and runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT. XML Styler is immediately available for free download from the ArborText Web site (http://www.arbortext.com/xmlstyler/).

"XML offers content publishers and application developers the potential to deliver data in new and exciting ways," comments Mary Laplante, director in the Document Software Strategies Group at CAP Ventures Inc., the strategic consulting and research firm that tracks document technologies markets. "The application floodgates will open when the browser vendors deliver robust support for XML later this year, generating demand for XML tools. With products like XML Styler, ArborText is ready to meet that demand. The company is clearly staking a claim on a leadership position in the market for XML-aware software."

"We are proud of our efforts along with ArborText and Microsoft in developing the XSL specification," said Sharon Adler, senior product manager, Inso Corporation, and a catalyst of the XSL initiative. "A standard stylesheet language is crucial to enable sophisticated XML documents to be effectively processed and displayed by XML-compliant browsers such as IE 4. In addition, products that make it easy to work with XML and XSL, such as XML Styler and Inso's DynaTag, are important new developments that will ensure widespread adoption of these important pending standards."

Tod Nielsen, general manager of developer relations at Microsoft, said, "XML and XSL will be significant Internet technologies for 1998. We are excited that our work with ArborText has yielded demonstrable support for XSL in Internet Explorer 4.0."

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