ArborText Announces ADEPT 8

ArborText Announces ADEPT 8

Release Includes Enhanced XML Support, New Contributor Version, and NT-Based XML Composition Engine

SAN FRANCISCO, California. September 1, 1998 - ArborText Inc., the world's leading provider of standards-based structured editing and publishing software, today announced the release of ADEPT 8 at Seybold San Francisco/Publishing 98. ADEPT 8, in Beta now and scheduled to ship in November, features the first NT- based automatic composition system to natively support printing both Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) documents. ArborText is also introducing lower-cost ``Contributor'' versions of ADEPT that offer simplified toolbars and menus to meet the needs of occasional users. ArborText is demonstrating these products in booth #1537.

``ADEPT 8 continues our commitment to ArborText's Global 5000 customers by providing an automatic composition engine for XML and SGML with truly hands-off page layout and printing of business-critical documents,'' said Jim Sterken, Chief Technology Officer, ArborText. ``In addition, this release extends the power of structured documents further into the organization by enabling both full-time and contributing users to create and interchange information seamlessly across departments and across enterprises.''

ADEPT software, which is based on international standards for the exchange of structured text and document information, natively supports SGML as well as the emerging XML specification for reusing, customizing and quickly publishing information over the web and in print.

While the standard versions of ADEPT are usually deployed within an organization's professional authoring groups, the new Contributor versions are the first cost-effective, high-quality solution for occasional users to create XML and SGML documents. Usage of Contributor versions is limited to specifically defined job categories, primarily engineers. The Contributor versions provide all the underlying power of standard ADEPT while offering a simple and intuitive interface for occasional users. All files including data files, configuration files, and scripting files, are fully interchangeable between the Contributor and standard versions.

On the publishing side, ADEPT 8 provides enhancements to its automatic composition capability and extends this capability from UNIX to the Windows NT platform. Users can generate printed documents that consistently comply with predefined stylesheets, eliminating the need for any manual formatting. The new XML composition engine applies stylesheet specifications to the document content and automatically makes tradeoffs to balance page fullness with the need to keep related elements together. These tradeoffs are controlled by advanced constructs such as six levels of ``keeps'' priority ranging from ``no keep required'' to ``keep always'' to determine which elements print together on a page. ADEPT's new composition engine also intuitively compresses vertical white space to fine tune page breaks and automatically generates text such as table of contents, headings and indexes.

Additionally, ADEPT 8 meets and surpasses industry standards for editing and publishing with an enhanced preview window, improved automatic indexing, and the following editing, graphics, and language features:

Pricing and Availability

ADEPT 8 will start shipping in November, 1998. ADEPT.Publisher will be available on Windows NT 4.0, Windows '95, and for UNIX platforms from Sun Microsystems, IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard. ADEPT.Editor will support Windows 95 in addition to the operating systems supported by ADEPT.Publisher.

The cost for ADEPT.Publisher, which includes both editing and composition capabilities, is $2,350 for a single-user Windows license. ADEPT.Editor, which does not include page composition capabilities, is $1,350 for a single- user Windows license.

Contributor versions of ADEPT are now available directly from ArborText in10-seat license packs. Currently available only for Windows, ADEPT.Editor for Contributors pricing is $395 per user (in quantity) and ADEPT.Publisher for Contributors is $495 (in quantity). Prices do not include maintenance or configuration consulting fees.

About the ADEPT Software Series

ArborText's ADEPT family of adaptable standards-based document software allows users to create and maintain textual and graphic information as reusable elements independent of formatting, media (print, Internet, and CD- ROM), and computer software or hardware. Reusable document elements make document preparation and publication more efficient and effective in a wide variety of applications ranging from technical publications to web site management.

ADEPT's authoring, editing and publishing software is tightly integrated with third-party document management software to enable high performance, enterprise-wide knowledge processing solutions.

About ArborText

ArborText Inc. is the leader in providing standards-based software that makes the process of editing and publishing mission-critical document information more effective. Global 5000 organizations use the company's products to create, deliver, and reuse information stored in document databases. In production use since 1991, ArborText software is the keystone of high-volume automated document systems at companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, Digital Equipment Corporation, Ford, Grolier's Encyclopedia, Lockheed Martin, National Semiconductor, and Sun Microsystems.

With corporate offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, and a major hub in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ArborText has more than 150 employees worldwide. For more information about ArborText's products, consulting services and training programs, contact ArborText at +1 734.997.0200, send email to, or visit the ArborText website located at