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Welcome to The American Physical Society's open discussion of SGML.

For further information, please see the Info and FAQ files. For instructions
on how to get them, please send e-mail to "" and put
the word "help" on the beginning of the first line of the body of your message.

If you wish to unsubscribe from this list, please send e-mail to
" and put the statement "unsubscribe sgml" in the
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Q1. How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from this list?

A1. Send an e-mail message to ""
(NOT "") with the statement

unsubscribe sgml

in the BODY of the message. You don't need to put anything in the subject
line of the message.

Q2. Why is The American Physical interested in the SGML phenomenon?

A2. The often stated objective of The American Physical Society (APS)
is the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics. In the
last few years, a major goal of the Society has been to move its
scholarly publications away from print and toward electronic production
and dissemination.  The current explosion in the use of information
technology for early dissemination of scientific information dovetails
with APS's interest in electronic publishing and consumption of
scholarly journals and provides both physicists and the Society and other 
Physics Publishers and Librarians with an opportunity to join forces to
support and improve scholarly communication in physics.

SGML is the center piece of the APS strategy to accept manuscripts 
electronically and to provide storage and delivery choices. With the
advent of products, such as SoftQuad's Panorama, it is becoming feasible
to make the SGML files of individual articles available for viewing.

Q3. What is the purpose of this list?

A3. This list is an informal discussion platform/work group for the airing of 
views on the creation and implementation of an SGML standard for use in the 
publishing/dissemination of physics information. 

It is believed that, if we as publishers can agree on some degree of SGML 
standardization, the authors and readers will benefit. A common SGML approach 
will facilitate ease of integration of papers from multiple publishers at the 
library or reader level.  A common SGML approach will facilitate the
development of many authoring tools and reading choices. 

Hopefully, this list will provide a forum, for all interested parties, to 
communicate their views and help us all better serve physics.

Q4. Do I have to subscribe to the list to participate
in the discussion? 

A3. No. You should only subscribe to the list if you wish to have all
postings sent to you or if you cannot access WWW. All postings to the
list are saved and indexed under the APS WWW server at
''.  You may respond to any message in the list by
sending an e-mail to and in the subject of your message
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that you are responding to. Please note that the space after the "Re:"
is crucial to proper indexing of your message under the subject in the
archive. The automatic reply feature of many e-mail programs does this.
To start a new discussion or topic, use a topic, in the subject of your
message, that is unique and doesn't have "Re:" at the beginning.