AgentSoft XML demo now on the Web

Title: AgentSoft XML demo now on the Web
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:38:13 -0600
--------------------------------------------------------------------- AgentSoft's new demonstration of XML technology is now available on the Web at: In a nutshell, the demo reads an XML file along with its associated DTD file and uses the information in the DTD file to guide the user in specifying a semantically meaningful query. The XML file is then searched for elements matching the query. While the system will work on any XML and DTD files, Java applet security limits it to files on our own server, which now consist of CDF files and an act from a Shakespeare play. If anyone has other XML examples we'd be happy to include them. Take care, and feel free to send any comments you have on our demo to Bruce -- Dr. Bruce Krulwich, Sr. Research Scientist, Dir. of Advanced Technology AgentSoft, 38 Pierre Koenig St, Jerusalem Israel +972-2-648-0573 x316 Fax: +972-2-648-0670 Personal home page: