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Spring Internet World, Microsoft Partner Pavilion, Booth # 1112

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Aeneid Corporation Demonstrates XML-Enabled Version of Internet Research Assistant

Research platform coupled with new industry-standard transforms on-line information into competitive intelligence for customers

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - March 10, 1998 - Internet World '98 - Aeneid Corporation today premiered technology at Microsoft Corporation's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Partner Pavilion that demonstrates the potential of Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). Showcasing an XML-enabled version of the award winning Internet Research Assistant (IRA), Aeneid outlined how its unique framework for collecting and analyzing information, discovering insight and formatting those discoveries to facilitate information sharing can transform the Internet into a vital source of competitive and market intelligence. The XML standard reduces the obstacles for collecting specific information and vastly improves the way data can be organized and presented.

Aeneid launched last month with a preview of IRA, both a thin-client application and web service initially targeted at solving the Internet research needs of the high technology and financial services industries.

Aeneid's XML support in IRA addresses three fundamental needs:

  1. Automatic creation of XML documents from text, HTML and PDF documents through a revolutionary and patent-pending Document Analysis technology.
  2. Provide flexible information views through the XSL template creation.
  3. Rapid collection and navigation of Internet content based on XML meta-information

While the Internet is loaded with high-quality information, deriving knowledge from Internet-based research continues to cost organizations significant money. This is due in part to the amount of time necessary to gather information, analyze it, and share conclusions with others.

“XML has the extraordinary potential for unlocking the volumes of on-line information for businesses," said Bob Ainsbury, vice president of Research and Development at Aeneid. "XML’s goal of descriptive or ‘semantic’ mark-up language enables IRA to collect and interpret information and then present it in the most useful fashion for a user. This will save businesses both time and money.”

“XML is rapidly becoming the universal format for data on the web,” said Adam Denning, Group Program Manager of XML Technologies at Microsoft Corporation. “Aeneid’s IRA demonstrates the power of XML, and will help drive the acceptance of this technology for both software developers and content publishers.”

IRA, Aeneid's Internet Research Assistant
IRA will support XML in two phases. Phase I will allow Aeneid to leverage the power and adoption of XML today. Phase II will capitalize on the anticipated industry adoption of XML and XSL.

Phase I - Aeneid’s patent pending Document Analyzer technology dissects either text or HTML documents into their basic elements (e.g. sections, paragraphs, tables, cells, rows and columns). Using rules and pattern matching techniques, IRA produces an HTML hybrid document with embedded XML tags. This enables reliable extraction of specific information and enhances the information presentation and management.

Phase II - In addition to its coverage of text and HTML, IRA will dissect PDF documents and produce XML documents. Using XSL templates, IRA enables the same collected research information to be viewed in different ways. With XSL for example, IRA will significantly reduce the time required to organize information for multiple organizations. Marketing may want to use data to determine future release strategies, while Sales requires the same information to be used as sales tools.

With XML and XSL, IRA can customize the presentation of information in a fashion most useful to the individuals conducting research and preparing reports.

Pricing and Availability
Registration for access to the thin-client version of IRA using Microsoft's Internet Explorer is available at Aeneid's web site. Users can download a copy of Aeneid's whitepaper "Facilitating Competitive Intelligence" or "Building a Research Set from the Internet at http://www.aeneid.com and pre-register for a free trial subscription.

About Microsoft
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About Aeneid
Aeneid Corporation (http://www.aeneid.com) (http://www.aeneid.com) was founded in 1996 to make the Internet a reliable and powerful research platform for gathering and analyzing information. Aeneid delivers a unique combination of Internet software, on-line service and process to automate the tasks of collecting and managing market and competitive intelligence. IRA, Aeneid's Internet research assistant, provides a framework for collecting and sourcing information, analyzing and discovering insight and sharing those discoveries with others. The Aeneid team of executives and engineers provide extensive backgrounds in web-site management, groupware and executive information systems.


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