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Aeneid Announces XML Support for Inktomi Dedicated Search Clusters

Aeneid distributes data from dedicated search cluster to information publishers using standard XML vocabulary

SAN FRANCISCO - February 10, 1999 - As a premium search customer of Inktomi (NASDAQ: INKT), Aeneid Corporation today announced its support for Inktomi's newly released premium search services. Using Inktomi's "Dedicated Search Clusters" as its core platform, Aeneid has developed an XML vocabulary and Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for exchanging information with its customers. Aeneid's use of XML and its premium business cluster at Inktomi provide a structured query framework that allows information publishers to integrate vertical and business-focused information from the Internet into their web sites.

Aeneid develops and manages the Aeneid Aggregation Platform, which allows information providers to integrate Internet content with proprietary data. As part of the platform, Aeneid develops vertical business information catalogs on top of the Inktomi Search Engine. Aeneid catalogs focus on the following vertical industries: high-tech, finance, legal/tax/accounting and healthcare.

Aeneid is the only Inktomi partner whose premium cluster maximizes the efficiency of XML to exchange information between corporate customers, web properties and information applications. Aeneid demonstrates the real-world use of XML and its potential in the industry through its customer implementations and alliance with Inktomi.

The combination of Inktomi's premium search cluster and the structured query environment of XML enables Aeneid customers to rapidly deliver information products for vertical markets and specific business practitioners. The Aeneid Aggregation Platform provides:

  • An industry-specific catalog of rich information sources
  • Access to a business-specific search cluster crawled at the frequency and depth required by business information consumers
  • A toolkit for navigating information and displaying search results

"Aeneid's premium search cluster allows us to add specific high-tech and business information into ComputerSelect Web. Aeneid's solution helps us manage the Internet as a reliable and valuable research medium. As a result, our customers will be able to easily find the most current and relevant information from the Internet," said Bruce Cardinal, president of the corporate division of The Gale Group.

"We are excited about Aeneid's use of XML. XML will give us greater control over maintaining our site's look and feel, without compromising flexibility to modify how we present information," said Michael Valentin, general manager of Individual Investor Online.

"Aeneid's number one goal is to ensure that our customers receive the most current, relevant and targeted business information. Our use of XML combined with the Inktomi premium search cluster gives our customers the flexibility and precision for searching across the most targeted set of business sources," said Bob Ainsbury, vice president of research and development at Aeneid.

About Aeneid
Aeneid Corporation (http://www.aeneid.com) was founded in 1996 to make the Internet a reliable and powerful business information platform. Aeneid develops and manages the Aeneid Aggregation Platform. This scaleable and secure technology infrastructure gives information providers the ability to integrate Internet content with proprietary data in a single environment. Aeneid's team of executives and engineers has extensive backgrounds in Internet-based software development.


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