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Date: 2003-10.

XML in the News: How XML is Being Implemented In Newspapers And
Related Media
Tuesday 7 October 2003
The Magic Circle
12 Stephenson Way (off North Gower St)
Euston, London

Organised by Mark Stone - RivCom

XML and related internet technologies present the news and media
industries with more challenges and opportunities than virtually any
other business sector. Not only are these technologies transforming
the editorial and production processes within newspapers, they also
enable news and advertising content to be repurposed across
publications and media in ways that ignore geographical boundaries and
existing business models. Different players within the industry are
responding to the challenges in different ways.

This one-day conference will give delegates:

an overview of the most important XML news-specific standards
an insight into how some innovative publishers are implementing and
gaining business benefit from XML
an insight into the threats and opportunities in this dynamic

David Allen - IPTC/NewsML
Alison Clark -
David Cole - The Cole Papers
Ian Davies - Archant Group
David Jones - Vio Worldwide/AdsML
Allan Marshall - Associated Mediabase
Tony Stewart - RivCom

09:00 - 10:00
  registration & coffee

10:00 - 10:30
 Tony Stewart Director of Consulting: RivCom
 Introduction and overview

10:30 - 11:00 David Allen Former Managing Director: IPTC
 NewsML and news content processes
10:00 - 11:30

11:30 - 12:00
 Alison Clark
 XPRL and public relations processes

12:00 - 12:30
 David Jones
CTO: Vio Worldwide
 AdsML and advertising processes

12:30 - 13:30

13:30 - 14:05
 Ian Davies
Director of Business Development:
Archant Group
 Challenges and Opportunities: the regional publishers' perspective

14:05 - 14:50
 Allan Marshall
Managing Director: Associated Mediabase
 XML and the national publishers' perspective

14:50 - 15:30

15:30 - 16:15
 David Cole
Editor and Publisher: The Cole Papers
 XML and the strategic perspective

16:15 - 17:00
Tony Stewart
 Panel discussion

17:30 close


Registration costs #90/#140/#115/#45 (non-
members/corporate/members/student members) and includes refreshments
and lunch. To register download the registration form ('right-click'
on the link to download the PDF file) which contains full details of
the event.


During the day there will be an exhibition area with company stands.
If you would to exhibit, please contact the exhibition organiser,
Marie Moment - tel +44(0) 1793 792000, email:

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle Headquarters is at 12 Stephenson Way, London (off
North Gower St) conveniently situated in Central London close to
Euston and Euston Squre Stations. It is well served by local public
transport services. There are car parking facilities nearby but none
adjacent to the venue.

Presentations and Speakers

Introduction and overview Tony Stewart

XML is now accepted as a core technology that will underpin
significant changes in processes within and between newspaper,
advertising and PR and related media organisations. But how can we
make sense of the plethora of XML standards that are coming into
existence and harness them to generate business benefit? This talk
will provide an introductory framework to define the relationship
between key processes involved in the sector and the enabling XML

Tony Stewart is Director of Consulting at RivCom. Building on a
successful career in software development, IT management and
telecommunications, Tony has spent the last four years leading
business process analysis and design projects. He is also Chair of the
Technical Working Group of the AdsML Consortium.

NewsML and news content processes David Allen

NewsML is a global XML standard developed by the IPTC (International
Press Telecommunications Council) for the management and dissemination
of electronic news. Reuters describes NewsML as "the structure used to
publish news in any format" and adds, "it can be used by news
providers to combine their pictures, video, text, graphics and audio
files in news output available on web sites, mobile phones, high end
desktops, interactive television and any other device." This talk will
provide an up-to-date description of the role and application of this
important standard.
David Allen was the Managing Director of the International Press
Telecommunications Council from 1991 until his retirement at the
beginning of 2003. Prior to that he was an Electrical Engineering
Officer in the Royal Air Force before being appointed as
Telecommunications Manager of the Press Association and then
Operations Director of BSB DataVision. David has been closely involved
with all the standards work of the IPTC and has presented at seminars
and conferences in Europe and North America.

XPRL and public relations processes Alison Clark
XPRL is an XML standard being developed by to support
processes within the Public Relations sector. The vision of XPRL is to
provide the world-wide Public Relations industry with a fast track to
benefit from the latest developments in data, information, business
and news communication and for management and execution of PR
practice. This talk will describe the current status of the initiative
and the projected role that XPRL will play.

Alison Clark, chair of, is a strategic public relations
consultant. She is currently Head of Network Information and
Performance in the Directorate of Traffic Management of Transport for
London, and was previously Managing Director of Shandwick Public
Affairs Ltd and Head of Corporate Communications at Wessex Water Plc.

AdsML and advertising processes David Jones

The AdsML Consortium was established in 2003 to create the first
comprehensive, global standard for end-to-end advertising workflow.
AdsML is supported by Ifra and the Newspaper Association of America
(NAA) and includes key industry players such as ABB Schweiz, Agfa,
Associated Newspapers, CCI Europe, ppi Media, Rosetta and Vio
Worldwide. This talk will introduce AdsML and describe its role in the
evolving world of advertising.

David Jones has worked in the newspaper and magazine publishing
industry most of his life including in the newsroom and in production
editing for UK regional newspapers and magazines, as Night Editor and
Assistant Editor and then IT Director at the Financial Times, and as
CIO at the newly merged Trinity Mirror Group. He joined Vio to develop
advanced services for streamlining business processes across the
graphics arts, publishing and printing industries. He has been a
frequent public speaker advocating standards-based solutions, been
active in Ifra and other industry and standards bodies, chairman of
supplier user groups, and is Treasurer and Steering Committee member
of the AdsML Consortium.

Challenges and Opportunities: the regional publishers' perspective Ian

Archant Group
In this talk we will be provided with an analysis of the fundamental
changes that are affecting the news media industry and the consequent
challenges and opportunities that technologists and technologies will
need to address. The presentation will include a description of the
business development strategy of one of Britain's most vibrant and
respected regional newspaper groups that is putting the principles of
convergence into practice today.

Ian Davies is Director of Business Development at Archant, a group
that includes Archant Regional, the newspaper publishing division
which publishes a portfolio of four daily titles, 23 weekly paid-for
and 34 weekly free newspapers totalling a combined weekly circulation
of around 2.6 million copies, Archant Lifestyle, the magazine
publishing arm which publishes around 40 magazines, Archant Print, the
printing arm of Archant with press facilities in Norwich and Ipswich
and Archant Regional Events which produce a number of exhibitions and
Ideal Home events all over the UK. Ian joined Archant with a
background in radio and television.

XML and the national publishers' perspective Allan Marshall

Associated Mediabase
In this talk we will hear from one of the world's leading advocates
and exponents of the use of XML within the news, who will describe his
experience in developing and applying a strategic approach to the
adoption of XML and related technologies at Associated Newspapers. We
will hear of the benefits that have been derived and the challenges
that lie ahead.
Allan Marshall is the managing director for Associated Mediabase, the
organisation that is responsible for the development and integration
of Associated Newspapers' (Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening
Standard, Metro, Ireland on Sunday, Loot) expansion into electronic
information delivery. He has worked in the newspaper industry since
1971 and in several different capacities: production, editorial and
systems management. He has also been involved in remote
communications, satellite and page makeup development programs. Allan
has been an early advocate and adopter of XML and related standards,
and has spoken on newspaper technology at conferences throughout
Europe and America.

XML and the strategic perspective David Cole

The Cole Group
Having gained an understanding of the key XML technologies that are
being developed to support newspapers and related media, and having
heard from leading pracititoners in the field, we will be provided
with a strategic perspective on the potential business impact of XML
and related technologies and how these will affect business models as
they become fully established.
David Cole is the publisher of The Cole Papers, the monthly newsletter
on technology, journalism and publishing, and NewsInc., the weekly
newsletter on the business of the newspaper business; he is also
proprietor and principal consultant at The Cole Group. The former
assistant managing editor for systems of the San Francisco Examiner,
during his 12-year career Cole was responsible for all newsroom
computer systems (mostly under the title "systems editor"), ranging
from on-line experiments in the early '80s to developing desktop
colour separation systems by the end of the decade. In addition, Cole
has many years of experience in a variety of roles within newspaper
organisations ranging from art director, assistant news editor and
makeup editor.

Panel discussion  Chair: Tony Stewart

A final panel discussion will provide an opportunity to pose questions
to the speakers and to explore what conclusions should be drawn from
the presentations.