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Issued March 10, 1998

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(Alexandria, VA) — The XML-EDI Group, an organization devoted to applying the Extensible Markup Language (XML) to the exchange of structured business data across all industries, has become an organization of the Graphic Communications Association Research Institute (GCARI).

The XML/EDI Group provides the authoritative source of information, support and advocacy for the use of XML in the transfer of structured business data, documents and processes, known as electronic data interchange or EDI.

The XML-EDI Group becomes a special membership organization of GCARI, an affiliate of Graphic Communications Association (GCA) in Alexandria, Va. GCA is a technical management association in the publishing and printing industries that has supported XML since its creation. GCARI provides administrative support to the XML/EDI Group, as well as offers expertise of members in XML and the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) from which XML is derived.

Bruce Peat, chair of the XML/EDI Group says, "XML/EDI is a new paradigm in processing documents and exchanging transactions. The support of GCARI and GCA should provide an excellent partnership for this initiative that will allow XML/EDI to flourish to its maximum potential."

XML is a new standard of the World Wide Web Consortium, and a derivative of SGML. It allows for the exchange of structured data found in EDI business transactions with normal browsing software now used on the World Wide Web. The Hypertext Markup Language or HTML now used for the Web and also a derivative of SGML, allows for the display of text and image information, not the structured data used in EDI.

The XML/EDI Group encourages industry associations and individual companies to apply XML to business data and information exchanges by: offering comprehensive guidelines on the use of this technology; providing coordination of intellectual materials and resources relevant to the widespread implementation of XML/EDI across a broad range of company and industry environments; representing the interest of XML/EDI users in standards forums; identifying or arranging for training opportunities; providing referrals to vendors offering software or services in this field; and maintaining Internet based resources and open participation forums to foster a broad availability of XML/EDI technologies.

The XML/EDI Group has chapters in North America and Europe, and has some 450 participants from around the globe. The group has established linkages with other standards bodies in the fields of EDI and electronic commerce.

GCA, "the SGML/XML association," is the leading worldwide, technology management association that represents over 300 companies involved in electronic information management and various forms of publishing and distribution.

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