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Fifth International Workshop on
Web Information and Data Management (WIDM'03)

November 7-8, 2003

In Conjunction with the
12th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2003)

Hotel Inter-Continental, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA

Sponsored by the ACM SIGIR and ACM SIGMIS

Tentative Program

Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

08:45-09:00 - Opening/Annoucements

09:00-10:30 - Session 1 (full papers)

Web Data Extraction and Structure Mining

Schema-Guided Wrapper Maintenance for Web-Data Extraction (China)
Xiaofeng Meng, Dongdong Hu, Chen Li

Data Rover: A Taxonomy Based Crawler For Automated Data Extraction From Data-intensive Websites (USA)
Sukumar Koduri, Hasan Davulcu

Fine-grain web site structure discovery (Italy)
Valter Crescenzi, Paolo Merialdo, Paolo Missier

10:30-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-12:30 - Session 2 (full papers)

XML Data Modeling and Storage

Local XML Functional Dependencies (Australia)
Jixue Liu, Millist Vincent, Chengfei Liu

A temporal data model and management system for normative texts in XML format (Italy)
Fabio Grandi, Federica Mandreoli, Paolo Tiberio, Marco Bergonzini

Xverter: Querying XML Data with OR-DBMS (Brazil)
Humberto Vieira, Gabriela Ruberg, Marta Mattoso

12:30-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-15:30 - Invited Talk

Business-Aware Management: the Next Frontier for Web Services
Dr Fabio Casati (HP Labs, Palo Alto)

15:30-16:00 - Coffee break

16:40-17:40 - Session 3 (short papers)

Tools for Integrating and Querying Web Information

The Biological Integration System (USA)
Zo Lacroix, Omar Boucelma, Mehdi Essid

KPSpotter: A Flexible Information Gain-based Keyphrase Extraction System (USA)
Min Song, Il-Yeol Song, Xiaohua Hu

MedISeek: A Web Based Diffusion System for Medical Visual Information (Brazil)
Silvio Antonio Carro, Jacob Scharcanski, Jose Valdeni de Lima

OntoKhoj: A Semantic Web Portal for Ontology Searching, Ranking and Classification (USA)
Chintan Patel, Kaustubh Supekar, Yugyung Lee, E.K. Park

XWebSOGO: An Ontology-based Language to Describe and Query Web Sources (Venezuela)
Edna Ruckhaus, Maria-Esther Vidal

Day 2

09:00-10:30 - Session 4 (full papers)

Web Clustering and Usage Mining

Clustering Documents in a Web Directory (Italy)
Giordano Adami, Paolo Avesani, Diego Sona

Evaluation of Web Usage Mining Approaches for User`s Next Requests (Finland)
Mathias Gry, Hatem Haddad

Evaluating the Markov Assumption for Web Usage Mining (Denmark)
Sren Jespersen, Torben Bach Pedersen, Jesper Thorhauge

10:30-11:00 - Coffee break

11:00-12:40 - Session 5 (short papers)

XML and Information Integration

Finding Similar Identities among Objects from Multiple Web Sources (Brazil)
Joyce C. P. Carvalho, Altigran Soares da Silva

Extracting Association Rules from XML Documents using XQuery (New Zealand)
Jacky Wan, Gillian Dobbie

Partial Answers in Information Integration Systems (Canada)
Gosta Grahne, Victoria Kiricenko

Conceptual Modeling of XML Schemas (Brazil)
Bernadette Farias Lscio, Ana Carolina Salgado, Luciano do Rgo Galvo

XPath Query Transformation based on XSLT Stylesheets (Germany)
Sven Groppe, Stefan Bttcher

12:40-14:00 - Lunch

14:00-15:30 - Session 6 (full papers)

Intelligent Web Information Access

An Intelligent Search Agent System for Semantic Information Retrieval over the Internet (Italy)
Carmine Cesarano, Antonio d`Acierno, Antonio Picariello

Modeling Semantic Navigation Structures for the Semantic Web (Germany)
Jrg Becker, Christian Brelage, Karsten Klose, Michael Thygs

Answering Imprecise Database Queries: A Novel Approach (USA)
Ullas Nambiar, Subbarao Kambhampati

15:30-16:00 - Coffee break

16:00-17:30 - Session 7 (full papers)

Query and View Processing

Query Rewriting Using Views in the Presence of Inclusion Dependencies (UK)
Qingyuan Bai, Jun Hong, M.F. McTear

Generating Rules for Incremental Maintenance of XML View of Relational Data (Brazil)
Vania Maria Ponte Vidal , Marco Antonio Casanova , Valdiana da Silva Araujo

Efficiently Supporting Order in XML Query Processing (USA)
Maged El-Sayed, Katica Dimitrova, Elke A. Rundensteiner