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XML Library FAQ

Q. What is the XML Library?

A. Sun's XML Library provides core XML capabilities that enable developers to create extensible, conformant XML-enabled services and applications for web-based information publishing systems, business-to-business electronic commerce frameworks, and developer tools.

Q. What core functionality is included in the XML Library?

A. The core functionality includes a fast XML document parser with optional validation, in-memory object model tree for manipulating and writing XML structured data, and preliminary support for customizing in-memory XML object tree for application-specific data structures and behaviors using JavaBeans with XML - XML Beans. In addition, the core functionality supports an implementation of the W3C DOM APIs and the XML Namespaces proposal.

Q. Who will want to use the XML Library?

A. The XML Library is intended for developers who want an extensible, highly conformant XML library for building XML-based applications written in the Java programming language. Specifically, this early access release is intended for developers who would like to evaluate Sun's early XML development efforts for use in their own development and are willing to work with APIs that will change.

Q. Why is Sun releasing a XML library for early access?

A. Developers have expressed strong interest in seeing XML enabling technology emerge from Sun because of the key role Sun has played in developing the XML specification and in creating the Java platform. The Java technology's "portable code" along with XML's "portable data" are valuable complements in creating truly platform-independent applications. Through the early access release, developers have an unique opportunity to participate in defining and evolving the XML Library. Feedback and comments are welcomed at xml-feedback@java.sun.com.

Q. How fast is the XML parser?

A. In Sun's testing using JDK 1.1.6, the validating parser (doing lots of error testing) was significantly faster than the majority of the non-validating parsers tested and was an order of magnitude faster than other validating parsers. Of course, Sun's non-validating parser is faster still.

Q. How well do you conform to the XML specification?

A. Sun is committed to complying with industry standards; the XML specifi cation is no different. While this is the first public release of this software, Sun is confident that the release complies as well as possible. Sun has tested against a broad range of publicly available XML tests, and documents in a variety of languages, as well as internal tests.

Q. Can I get the source code?

A. The source code is not included in this early access release. Details on the availability of source code will be provided in a later release.

Q. Can I redistribute the XML Library with my product?

A. As an early access release, the XML library is for evaluation only and is not redistributable with your product (see license). In general, commerical redistribution is allowed only when the technology has shipped.

Q. When is the next release?

A. We are not making any announcements about future release schedules at this time. Please stay tuned.

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