Current PIDX Activities and Projects. Unofficial Snapshot 2003-05


Date: 2003-05-07

1.  Service Components Template Project
Service components commonly used as line item details on field tickets
and invoices for the fulfillment and reconciliation of services in the
oil and natural gas industry require some level of classification to
be properly utilized in electronic commerce transaction documents.
The scope of this project is to develop standard classification
service component templates to facilitate electronic reconciliation of
invoices, to expedite payments and to enhance financial analysis.

Using this standardized nomenclature in concert with eXtensible Markup
Language (XML) technology, electronic invoice reconciliation and spend
analysis will be facilitated.  In addition, an updated version of
Segment 71 of the UNSPSC code set will be developed to further enhance
financial review.

This project will be the fourth in the PIDX series of classification
and transaction standards projects providing the industry with e-
commerce standards.  It will complement the three previous PIDX
standards projects that delivered:

* Eleven XML-based Transaction Documents
* Ten XML-based Service Form Documents
* 1,500 Product Classification Templates

For true end-to-end electronic commerce in the oil field, service
component nomenclature must be standardized, classified and coded to
be used with these already released PIDX standards.

Jerry Hubbard - PIDX Standards Subcommittee Chair
OFS Portal
1776 Yorktown
Houston, TX 77027
+1 (832) 681-7331

2.  Regulatory Reporting XML Standards Development Project
The Groundwater Protection Council (GWPC), Mineral Management Service
(MMS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), American Petroleum Institute
(API), PIDX/REGS, UK (Department of Trade and Industry (DTI),
Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC), etc. have a common
interest to develop and deploy Internet / XML solutions to support
Exploration and Production regulatory activity. All agree that it is
vital to examine requirements and procedures first to eliminate
inefficiencies and unnecessary differences among the agencies.

Regulatory compliance is a significant and growing part of upstream
operations.  Operators face a multitude of local, state and federal
requirements that require operators to report various types of data
and information, request permits, and pay royalties on government
leases.  The reporting and permitting requirements are currently paper
intensive and vary considerably from location to location and agency
to agency.

Several state and federal agencies have determined that current
practices are inefficient, and are looking to work with industry to
streamline reporting and permitting processes.  They are looking into
ways for oil and natural gas operators to provide them with data and
information in electronic form via the Internet.  There is a growing
sense that the state and federal agencies should work together with
industry to develop reporting and permitting standards to improve the
efficiency of both government and industry.  The other benefits would
be common format production reporting databases that operators could
access for prospect evaluation and a streamlined and transparent
permitting process that would shorten the permit application to
response lifecycle and allow operators to better plan the logistics of
field operations.  The program also has advocacy implications,
providing an opportunity for industry to enhance its relationship with
various oversight agencies.  Although the value to industry could be
high, the project is viewed as potentially difficult due to the number
and diversity of parties that would need to come together to develop
standards and recommended practices.

There are two specific initiatives that government agencies have
contacted API PIDX concerning participation.  One involves developing
XML standards around production reporting via the Internet.  The other
project involves developing XML standards around electronic upstream
permitting via the Internet.

Bob Cody - PIDX REGS Specific Interest Group Co-Chair
(925) 827-7760

Tim Allard - PIDX REGS Specific Interest Group Co-Chair
Minerals Revenue Management
Information Technology Center
(303) 231-3968
(800) 619-4593

3.  PIDX Certification Program
PIDX is working on a program to certify compliance with PIDX XML
standards.  This will allow PIDX members to prioritize implementations
with those that are ready and to identify the software providers, web
services, marketplaces, hubs, portals, and vendors that are compliant
with PIDX XML standards.  PIDX is also working with its XML training
provider to develop technical certification for IT professionals in
order to insure PIDX members that the individuals they may use for
development and implementation of software and services meet PIDX's
standards of knowledge with respect to XML programming capabilities.

Darren Ebanks - PIDX Vice Chair and PIDX Adoption and Implementation
Subcommittee Chair
EC/EDI Coordinator
Schlumberger Technology Corp.
100 Gillingham Lane, MD 114-9
Sugar Land, TX 77478
(281) 285-4230

4.  PIDX Europe
PIDX is holding a meeting on Tuesday, 11 February 2003 in Aberdeen,
Scotland, hosted by the UK Department of Trade & Industry and in
coordination with LOGIC, to kick-off PIDX Europe.  PIDX Europe will
represent European interests in the development, convergence and
implementation of transaction and classification business standards
for the oil and natural gas industry.

The purpose of this initial meeting will be to organise the PIDX
Europe Work Group.  Mr. Richard R. Wheeler of Shell International has
kindly agreed to chair PIDX Europe through the start-up of the
organisation.  Agenda topics will include an overview of PIDX, the
PIDX Europe charter, selection of vice chairs, identification of 2003
meeting dates and venues, and a discussion of potential 2003 pilot
projects.  PIDX Europe participation in the Service Component Template
Project will also be discussed.

Jerry Hubbard - PIDX Standards Subcommittee Chair
OFS Portal
1776 Yorktown
Houston, TX 77027
(832) 681-7331

5.  Update Version 1.0 of RP 3901
The Standards Subcommittee will update the current version of PIDX's
XML Transaction Standards (Recommend Practice 3901) to incorporate
additional messages, messaging recommendations, and business process

Jerry Hubbard - PIDX Standards Subcommittee Chair
OFS Portal
1776 Yorktown
Houston, TX 77027
(832) 681-7331

6.  Petroleum Industry Data Dictionary (PIDD) Revitalization Project
The PIDX Standards Subcommittee has formed a PIDD Workgroup to insure
that the PIDD is enhanced to better meeting industry eBusiness needs
and to create a PIDD that is easier for industry to utilize.  The goal
is to have relevant eBusiness data specifications and terminology
(context, noun, modifier, attributes) mapped to the PIDD with a cross
reference to usages and to have a web accessible PIDD.

Alan Doniger - PIDX PIDD Chair
Director of Technology
9801 Westheimer Road, Suite 450
Houston, Texas 77042
(713) 267-5124

7.  PIDX Custody Ticket Project
The PIPENET Specific Interest Group has developed a recommended
standard for an XML Document supporting a Custody Transfer of
Petroleum Products.  The Standards subcommittee will be reviewing this
document for acceptance as a PIDX standard.  A copy of the proposed
standard is provided on the Standards subcommittee page.

8.  PIDX Missile Fuels Project
The goal of this project is to develop XML schemas around the
procurement of chemicals that comprise missile fuels.  This is seen as
a joint PIDX/CIDX project to develop standards to facilitate the
procurement of missile fuels chemicals.

Ken Henz
+1 (703) 767-8356