OeBF Fall Working Group Summit and AAP ETC Meetin

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September 18th, 2002 through September 20th, 2002 in New York City

The OeBF is very pleased to announce its Fall Working Group Summit from September 18th through September 20th in New York City.

For questions and to RSVP, contact Nick Bogaty at nbogaty@openebook.org.

A detailed agenda for the three days is as follows (locations and contact information follows):


9/18 - 9am to 11am - AAP ETC Meeting - W Hotel (breakfast) - Full Agenda and Speakers
9/18 - 1pm to 5pm - OeBF Publication Structure - W Hotel
9/18 - 1pm to 5pm - OeBF Metadata and Identifiers - W Hotel
9/18 - 1pm - Presentation by Brian Green of EDItEUR on ONIX to Metadata and Identifiers Group
9/18 - approx. 3:30pm - Presentation by David Sidman of Content Directions on DOI to Metadata and Identifiers Group
9/19 - 9am to 12pm - OeBF Publication Structure - W Hotel (breakfast)
9/19 - 9am to 12pm - OeBF Metadata and Identifiers - W Hotel (breakfast)
9/19 - 12pm to 1pm - Lunch
9/19 - 1pm to 2pm - Cross-meeting between PSWG and MIWG
9/19 - 2pm to 5pm - OeBF Publication Structure
9/19 - 2pm to 5pm - OeBF Metadata and Identifiers
9/19 - 8:30am to 10:30am and 2pm to 5pm - OeBF Board of Directors Meeting - Random House Location #1
9/20 - 9am to 12pm - OeBF Rights and Rules - Random House Location #2
9/20 - 9am to 11am - OeBF Publication Structure - W Hotel
9/20 - 9am to 11am - OeBF Metadata and Identifiers - W Hotel
9/20 - 1pm to close - OeBF Systems Meeting - W Hotel (lunch)
W Hotel is 130 East 39th Street (between Park and Lexington) 
Random House Location #1 is 280 Park Avenue building (between 48th Street and 49th Street) on the 10th floor in room 1091 
Random House Location #2 is 1540 Broadway (entrance 45th between 6th and 7th ave.) 


Teleconference lines will be available for all of the above meetings for those
 who wish to participate in the meetings but will not be in attendance in New York.
 Numbers for joining the meetings listed above are as follows:
OeBF Publication Structure - 512-225-3050
OeBF Metadata and Identifiers - 512-225-3050
OeBF Rights and Rules - 512-225-3050
OeBF Systems - 512/225-3050


Contact for Summit, RSVPs and General OeBF questions
Nick Bogaty, OeBF
off: 212-924-9081, email: nbogaty@openebook.org

Contact for Random House Locations and Rights/Rules WG
Amanda Kimmel, Random House
off: 212-782-8468, cell: 917-838-4102, email: akimmel@randomhouse.com

Contact for Metadata/Identifier WG
Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Random House
off: (212) 572-8765, cell: (917) 533-5904, email: lmccloy-kelley@randomhouse.com

Contact for Publication Structure WG
Allen Renear, University of Illinois
off: (217) 265-5216, cell: (401) 855-1383, email: renear@uiuc.edu

Contact for AAP
Ed McCoyd, AAP
off: (212) 255-0200 Ext. 264, email: emccoyd@publishers.org
AAP Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC) Meeting September 18th, 9am to 11am


ISTC Panel

The top agenda item for this meeting is a NISO (National Information Standards Organization)-sponsored panel discussion of the International Standard Text Code (ISTC). Panelists include Pat Harris (NISO) as moderator, Helen Henderson (OCLC), Terry King (Authors Guild), and Liisa McCloy-Kelley (Random House).

OeBF Rights Specification Language (RSL) Activities

Tom Diaz of Adobe Systems will report on the activities of OeBF's Rights and Rules Working Group, which is seeking to establish a standard language for specifying rights in DRM products.

Renato Iannella (IPR Systems) will give a presentation on Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL), a candidate language for adoption.

Representatives of ContentGuard will discuss Extensible Rights Mark-up Language (XrML), another candidate RSL being considered by the Working Group.

ETC/ALA DRM White Paper

Hill Slowinski (Worthington International) will give an update on the progress of the AAP/American Library Association DRM White Paper.

K-12 Electronic Files Sub-Committee Report

Representatives of the ETC's K-12 Electronic Files Sub-Committee and the AAP School Division will discuss their effort to address electronic file requirements and format issues in the K-12 market.

Prepared by Robin Cover for The XML Cover Pages snapshot archive.