XML/TIGERS Interim Goal: by January 19, 2001 meeting -

- Strawman Base Schema developed - done

XML/TIGERS Interim Goal: by February 5-8, 2001 meeting -

- First cut by Working Committees of Derived Schema Elements by tax - done

XML/TIGERS Interim Goal: by May 2-4, 2001 meeting -

- Base Schema Revision, with input from Derived Schema groups; adherence to Revised Base Schema structure by all Derived Schemas - for discussion during the meeting - done

XML/TIGERS Interim Goal: by August 15-17, 2001 meeting -

- Final Definition of "Deconstructed" Base Schema; presentation of by-tax Derived Schemas; initial cut at Tax Tag Naming Conventions with examples; initial cut at Base Schema Tax XML User Guide.


Working Committees:

XML Base Schema Development:

Terry Garber

John Glaubitz

Michael Roytman

Kevin Belden

Jim Rowland

Preston Barnett

Corporate Tax - Derived Schema Development

Xan Ostro

Joan Barr

Glenda Hayes

Sales Tax - Derived Schema Development

Dave Curry

Stan Whaley

Brooks Knight

Tom Pantier

Larry Hanson

Payroll Taxes - Derived Schema Development

Timur Taluy (and STAWRS Data Format Team)

Jim Rowland

Tom Crowley

Mark Marsden

Motor Fuel Tax - Derived Schema Development

Stuart Beagles

Steve Magee

Stan Farmer

Larry Hanson

XML Development-Organization Liaison

Jonathan Lyon



Terry Garber, South Carolina (TIGERS Chair)


Bob Shickora, New Jersey


Brooks Knight, Texas


Sherrill Alexander, Texas


Craig Reeves, Imaging Business Machines


Laurie Mitchell, Imaging Business Machines


David Mazzotta, Creative Solutions


Jeff Fritz, Creative Solutions


Debbie Johnson, Oklahoma


Donna Hockensmith, STAWRS/Treasury


Jim Rowland, STAWRS Consultant


Jonathan Lyon, FTA

mailto: jonathan.lyon@taxadmin.org

Kevin Belden, IBM Global

mailto: kbelden@us.ibm.com

Larry Hanson, California Bd. of Equalization

mailto: Larry.Hanson@boe.ca.gov

Nina DeForge, ProBusiness

mailto: ndeforge@probusiness.com

Ray Grimm, Wisconsin

mailto: rgrimm@synergyinc.com

Gregory Carson, IRS-ETA

mailto: gregory.g.carson@irs.gov

Dayna L. Sefcik, IRS-ETA

mailto: Dayna.L.Sefcik@irs.gov

Joan Barr, IRS-ETA

mailto: Joan.Barr@irs.gov

Michael McCrea, IRS Information Systems

mailto: Michael.A.McCrea@irs.gov

Stan Farmer, Missouri

mailto: sfarmer@mail.state.mo.us

Stan Whaley, Florida

mailto: WhaleyS@dor.state.fl.us

Steve Magee, Kansas

mailto: Steve_Magee@kdor.state.ks.us

Stuart Beagles, Montana

mailto: sbeagles@state.mt.us

Timur Taluy, FileYourTaxes.com

mailto: taluy@fileyourtaxes.com

Tom Crowley, Maryland Unemployment Insurance

mailto: tcrowley@dllr.state.md.us

Dave Curry, Vertex

mailto: dave_curry@vertexinc.com

Raj Rajagopol, Mitre Corp.

mailto: rrajagopol@mitre.org

Glenda Hayes

mailto: ghayes@mitre.org

Anita Gross, Ceridian Corp.

mailto: anita.gross@ceridian.com

Preston Barnett, Ceridian Corp.

mailto: preston.barnett@ceridian.com

Peter Isberg, ADP

mailto: peter.isberg@adp.com

Tom Pantier, Illinois

mailto: tpantier@revenue.state.il.us

John Glaubitz, Vertex

mailto: John_Glaubitz@vertexinc.com

Michael Roytman

mailto: michael_roytman@vertexinc.com

Mark Marsden

mailto: Mark_Marsden@ultimatesoftware.com