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April 4, 2003

Subject: Correspondence between Oracle and ISO Regarding the Charging of Royalties for Country and Language Codes
From: Donald Deutsch Oracle


Copied below (in reverse chronological order) is an email chain between Oracle and ISO regarding the charging of royalties for country and language codes.  I am sending this to you and asking that you number and provide it to the INCITS Standards Policy Board along with the material from others that I understand will be made available.  Unfortunately, I will not be in Indiana for the discussion, but look forward to participating in subsequent consideration of this important issue. 

Two notes: Cheers...Don

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From: Bob Feghali <BFEGHALI@ansi.org>
To: Donald R Deutsch <donald.deutsch@oracle.com>
Cc: Rosemary Maginniss <RMAGINNI@ansi.org>
Subject: RE: Royalties for ISO Codes
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 09:01:33 -0500
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Dear Don;

As an answer to your second question below, yes ANSI can grant a license to Oracle for international use under the ISO POCOSA (sales and copyright policy of ISO).  

Bob Feghali
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& Chief Information Officer
American National Standards Institute
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From: Chabot Jacques-Olivier [mailto:chabot@iso.org ]
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 4:18 AM
To: Don Deutsch
Cc: Brannon Keith; Karen Higginbottom; Rosemary Maginniss; Bob Feghali; Claude Aberlé; Helberling Gisela
Subject: Re: Royalties for ISO Codes
Importance: High

Dear Mr. Deutsch,

Keith Brannon asked me to reply to your query regarding the use of ISO country codes published in ISO 3166 and the role of ANSI.

First of all ANSI is the ISO Member body for the USA with the responsibility of representing ISO in your country. Moreover ANSI is the official distributor for ISO publications and has full authority to sign copyright agreements on behalf of ISO and consequently to collect the related royalty payments.

We make a distinction between implementation and commercial use and this is made very clear on our Web site http://www.iso.org/iso/en/prods-services/iso3166ma/02iso-3166-code-lists/index.html where we explain that: "

"The short country names from ISO 3166-1 and the alpha-2 codes are made available by ISO at no charge for internal use and non-commercial purposes. The use of ISO 3166-1 in commercial products may be subject to a licence fee."

Consequently if you load the list of country codes in a commercial product, thus giving an added value to your product, it is normal that ANSI asks you for the payment of a royalty fee. If you choose the other possibility which is to let your customers download the country codes may I suggest that you recommend that they download them from the ISO Web site as this is the only valid source for ISO 3166 country codes.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any additional information.

Best regards,

Jacques-Olivier Chabot
General Services and Marketing

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From:Brannon Keith
To:Don Deutsch
Cc:Jacques-Olivier Chabot
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: Royalties for ISO Codes


Iam by copy of this asking our head of Sales to advise you as Iam not in the Marketing Dept.
Iam sure he can help you.



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From:Don Deutsch
Cc:Karen Higginbottom
Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 2:28 AM
Subject: Royalties for ISO Codes


You may not recall meeting me, but we talked briefly at JTC 1 Plenary and Special Group meetings over the past three years.  Karen Higginbottom suggested that you might be able to help me with a procedural question from my in-house legal counsel. 

ANSI claims that they have been granted authority by ISO to collect royalty payments for commercial use of ISO standard codes for countries and languages (ISO 3166 and 639, respectively).  We produce software that can utilize these codes for ease of interaction with other systems; these codes can be pre-loaded by us, or we can direct the purchasers of our software to download them directly from your (as well as other) web sites.  ANSI claims that in the former case we would owe them a royalty, while in the latter it would be available to our customers without charge. 

Oracle legal has asked me to ask the copyright holder (ISO) the following:

1. What authority have you granted to ANSI?  Have you granted the same or similar authority to other national bodies?  If yes, what is the scope of their authorities (see 2 below)?

2. What rights can ANSI grant to Oracle?   In particular, can we incorporate these codes and distribute our products outside the United States under the license granted by ANSI?

3. Does ISO grant licenses directly for the uses that we intend? If the answer to #2 is that the ANSI rights are limited to the U.S., how would you suggest that we proceed?

Keith, I am hopeful that you can answer these questions.  If not, would you please point me to the right person. 

I thank you in advance for you assistance and hope to see you in Budapest.


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