IETF Tools Team Charter

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TOOLS Team Charter

:Date: 2004-07-28


The purpose of the TOOLS team is to provide IETF feedback and guidance
during the development of software tools to support various parts of
IETF activities.


The first tool the team will consider is an ID sumbission
tool for the secretariat. With this in place, other tools will follow;
under consideration are issue tracking tools for workgroups and
tools that support the community interface with the secretariat beyond
i-d submission.

Secretariat tools will be developed by the secretariat's developers.
The key point about the Secretariat developers is that they have not
worked as part of the IETF community, so they need direction and
structure at the starting points, and as changes/fixes are needed.  The
team will be the voice for this.

Other tools may be adaptations of existing open source tools, ideally
in cooperation with the original developers/maintainers of the tools.
Again, the TOOLS team will be responsible for communicating IETF
specific needs to the developers.

Guidance may be done by specification, but other methods like
storyboarding or prototyping may be just as appropriate.  This would be
up to the team, in cooperation with the tool developers.

It is not the teams' task to do the actual development, but being able
to understand the tool development process and issues are part of the
task, as well as the ability to formulate and communicate the IETFs
needs with respect to the individual tools.  It is also not prohibited
for team members to actively develop tool implementations.

The Chair will report to the IETF community regularly.


|  Milestone						| Date		|
| ID submission	tool					| Aug  2004	|
| First expansion of milestones				| Aug  2004	|
| Review progress to determine whether team needs to	| Aug  2007	|
| have a major re-charter, and/or change composition,	|		|
| or conclude						|		|