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IEEE - P1157/P1157.2 meeting - Thursday 8/22/96


Scott Cadle scott-cadle@mail.amsinc.com

Dan Chudnov dshud@umich.edu

Jeff French jefff@syntec.com

Matt Gluck

Jack Harrington jackh@an.hp.com

Mary Kratz mkratz@umich.edu

Chris Melo chris_melo@hp.com

Roger Powell rogerp@kurzweil.com

Dan Trainor danielt@an.hp.com

1. P1157/P1157.1 Status

Jack Harrington reported that the ballot group for P1157 (Overview and Framework) has been updated and will be submitted to the IEEE in September. The Memorandum of Understanding between IEEE and HL7 for the IEEE P1157.1 (Joint Working Group for a Common Data Model) is being updated by IEEE and should be available for review by the HL7 executive committee in September. A completed agreement on the MOU is required before the standard will be submitted for ballot. Jack Harrington and Woody Beeler will work with HL7 and IEEE to expedite the process.

2. P1157.2/P1157.2.2

The balance of the meeting focused on IEEE P1157.2 (Interchange Format Methods) and IEEE P1157.2.2 (ODA/ODIF/SGML Interchange Formats).


A. How to map the information model to SGML/HTML? Mapping for HL7 and EDIFACT have been covered by the HL7 Framework and CEN Message Mapping documents. The P1157 Framework identifies the need for a similar mapping from the domain information model to the SGML interchange format. This is the focus of IEEE P1157.2 and P1157.2.2.

B. Propose that work on conceptual model for this process by the Jan ‘97 meeting and a draft of the spec by the following meeting.

C. Steps for participants
- understand the context of the organization and concepts
- understand HL7 framework - what works and build on it
- understand CEN TC251 message mapping- understand SGML content model and process - need domain expertise to provide description of problem domain (use cases)

D. There is a need for coordination between this effort and the HL7 SGML Special Interest Group.

E. Relationship of HL7 Data Modeling, SGML Message Mapping, and Vocabulary efforts

3. Proposals: (by next meeting)

A. Post P1157.2 and P1157.2.2 PARS {Jack Harrington, due 09/13/96)

B. Develop use cases to define goals of SGML in HL7 context {due 9/27/96}

- Jeff French - SGML storage

- Dan Chudnov - patient record (distribution/communication and use in clinical setting)

- Roger Powell - patient record

C. set up e-mail list and web page

- HP to set up initial e-mail reflector {Jack Harrington due 09/13/96}

- HP to set up initial web site {Jack Harrington, due 09/17/96}

D. define concept model of DIM->SGML mappings - {Chris M/Dan T/Jack H/Dan C , due 12/6/96}

E. define table of contents for P1157.2 document - {Jack, due 12/6/96}

F. get all information published 1 month prior to next meeting for review at the next meeting

G. will ask for a morning meeting at the next HL7 meeting in Jan ‘97

- joint meeting with QA/DM, SIGSGML, etc. for educational purpose

- internal working meeting - to review work done