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Advance Program for


APRIL 6-7, 1999

Sponsored by:
IEEE Computer Society Mass Storage Systems and
Technology Technical Committee,
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
Raytheon ITSS Corporation
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
In cooperation with IEEE Computer Society Digital Libraries Task Force

National Institutes of Health
Natcher Center
45 Center Drive
Bethesda, Maryland

The objectives of this conference are to (1) provide a forum to address meta-data issues faced by the various communities including mass storage, data management, image and multimedia processing, and distributed computing, as well as managers of networked heterogeneous information servers, (2) bring the different communities together for technical interchange of ideas on common technologies and standards related to meta-data; (3) hear the various perspectives from the users as well as from the producers of meta-data; and (4) facilitate the development and usage of meta-data. We invite participants from academia, government, and industry to share ideas and experiences.

The technical program for the conference consists of papers, poster presentations and panels addressing (among others) the following topics:


Tuesday 6 April 1999
7:30 am -  7:30 pm     Registration

8:30 am -  8:40 am     Welcome 
                                 Bob Coyne, IBM
                                 META-DATA 99 Conference Chair

8:40 am -  9:00 am     Opening Remarks
                                 Dr. Susan Zevin, NOAA
                                 Deputy Assistant Administrator of
                                 Environmental Information Services

9:00 am -  9:45 am     Keynote Address
                         Semantic Interoperability and Information Brokering
                         in Global Information Systems
                            Amit Sheth,  Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab,
                            Computer Sc., University of Georgia

9:45 am - 10:00 am     Break

10:00 am - 11:40 am     Paper Session - I: Catalogs & Interoperability 
					Chair:  Sushma Singhal, Raytheon ITSS

	Integrating Inventory-Level Meta-data into a Directory: An Implementation 
	for Data Collections
	Ronald L. Vogel and Robert T. Northcutt
	Raytheon Information Technology & Scientific Services (ITSS)

	Generic Query Meta-data for Geospatial Digital Libraries
	James Frew, Linda Hill, Greg Janee, Mary Larsgaard, Kevin Lovette,
	Catherine Masi, Qi Zheng, University of California, Santa Barbara 

	CEOS Catalog Interoperability Protocol
	George Percivall, NASA/Raytheon Systems Co.  

	Creating Meta-data for a Digital Library of the State of the Environment
	Brand Niemann, U.S. EPA
11:40 am -  1:00 pm    Lunch

1:00 pm -  8:00 pm       Poster Session

1:00 pm -  3:05 pm    Paper Session - II: Implemented Models & Systems
					Chair: Anthony Elam, Rice University 

	The Isaac Network: LDAP and Distributed Meta-data for Resource Discovery
	Susan Calcari, Michael Rozkowski, Christopher Lukas
	Internet Scout Project, University of Wisconsin- Madison

	The UDK Approach: the 4th Generation of an Environmental Data Catalogue
  	for Austrian and German Public Authorities
	Walter Swoboda, Fred Kruse, Ralf Nikolai, Wassili Kazakos, 
	Detlev Nyhuis, Holger Rousselle
	Ministry of Environment of Lower Saxony

	Meta-data for the Unified Climate Access Network
	Kevin Robbins, David Barthel, William Noon, Claudia Perot, Richard Reinhardt
	Southern Regional Climate Center / Louisiana State University

	Meta-data - The Key to Content Management Services
	Katherine Curtis, Paul Foster and Fred Stentiford,  BT Laboratories

	Using a Meta-Model as the Basis for Enterprise-Wide Data Navigation
	in a Scientific Environment
	J. Draskic, J-M Le Goff, I. Willers, J-P Vialle, N. Baker, F. Estrella, 
	Z. Kovacs & R. McClatchey, UWE/CERN
3:05 pm -  3:20pm     Break

3:20 pm -  4:35 pm     Paper Session - III: Modeling Techniques
					Chair: Matt Morgenstern, XEROX

	An Approach for Meta-data Reconcilliation Among Models of Missile
	Defense Domains
	Terry Boschert, Robert Daniels, The Mitre Corporation

	Bridging Geospatial Meta-data Standards towards Distributed Meta-data
	Information Systems
	Dirk Balfanz, Stefan Gvbel, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics

	Data Models and Standards Requirements in the Department of Defense
	Joint Technical Architecture
	Ronald L. Fauquet, GDE Systems, Inc.

4:35 pm -  4:50 pm     Break

4:50 pm -  5:40 pm     Panel: Freedom's Just Another Word ... for Meta-data:
					Knowledge Management and Discovery via DASL, Z39.50, 
					X.500, and the DMA
					Chair: Owen Ambur, US Fish & Wildlife Service
                        	Panelists: to be announced                

5:40 pm -  8:00 pm     Reception and Poster Presentations
Wednesday 7 April 1999
7:30 am -  12:00 pm   Registration

8:30 am -  2:00 pm    Poster session continues

8:30 am -  9:25 am    Keynote Address
                        Meta-data Jones and the Tower of Babel: 
                        The Challenge of Large-Scale Semantic Heterogeneity
                           Stuart Madnick, John Norris Maguire Professor
                           of Information Technology & Leaders for 
                           Manufacturing Professor of Management Science, 
                           MIT Sloan School of Management

9:25 am - 12:10 pm    Paper Session - IV: Data Warehousing & Integration
					Chair: Len Seligman, The MITRE Corporation

	Meta-data Use in the Smart Object, Dumb Archive (SODA) Model
	Michael Nelson, Del Croom, Steve Robbins, NASA Langley Research Center   

	Meta-data for Multi-level Content-based Retrieval
	Wendy Chang and Jia Wang	Rochester Institute of Technology

	Meta-data for Data Warehouses Using Extended Relational Models
	O. Mangisengi, A M. Tjoa, R.R. Wagner,	Technical University of Vienna 

10:40 am - 10:55 am	Break

	Paper Session - IV (continued)

	Meta-Data Components in Support of an Active Deductive Object-Oriented	
	Database System, T. Ben Abdellatif, H. W. R. Chan, S. W. Dietrich, 
	B. Siddabathuni, A. Sundermier, S. D. Urban
	Arizona State University

	The Effectiveness of Meta-data and other Content Descriptive Data
	in Web Information Retrieval
	M. Agosti, F. Crivellari, M. Melucci, Universita' di Padova  

	Building an Extensible Wrapper Repository: A Meta-data Approach
	Ling Liu, Wei Han, Calton Pu, Oregon Graduate Institute 

12:10 pm -  1:30 pm    Lunch

1:30 pm -  3:10 pm    Paper Session - V: New Meta-data Approaches
					Chair: Mark Whiting, Pacific Northwest Lab

	Advanced Search Technologies for Unfamiliar Meta-data
	Fredric Gey, Michael Buckland and Ray Larson	
	University of California, Berkeley

	Indexing XML documents conceptually
	Jacek R. Ambroziak, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

	The Next Desktop Revolution: End-user Meta-data
	Dr. Glenda Hayes and Dr. Robert M. Daniels, Jr., The MITRE Corporation

	Constructing Multilevel Meta-data Networks 
	Shashi Phoha, Applied Research Lab at Penn State University
3:10 pm -  3:25 pm     Break

3:25 pm -  4:15 pm     Paper Session - VI: Quality & Limitations
					Chair: Sushma Singhal, Raytheon ITSS

	Querying Quality of Data Meta-data
	George A. Mihaila and Louiqa Raschid, University of Toronto

        E-mail Metadata In A Post-Armstrong World 
	Jason R. Baron, Department of Justoce
4:15 pm -  4:30 pm     Break

4:30 pm -  5:20 pm     Panel: Collecting and Maintaining Meta-data for
Catalogue Systems
					Chair: Ralf Kramer,	Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)
                        	Panelists: to be announced

5:20 pm -  5:30 pm     Closing Remarks

	A Review of EOSDIS QA Meta-data: Support for EOS Quality
	Assessment (QA) and QA Meta-data Update Tools
	Sushma Singhal (Raytheon ITSS) and Bob Lutz (Raytheon ITSS)

	Meta-data and the Academic Library Community:  An Update
	Dr. Brad Eden, NHMCCD

	MG-Tree: An Efficient Index for Fast Execution of Conjunctive Queries
	Yuping Yang, Mukesh Singhal, CIS Department, The Ohio State University
	Profiling the FGDC Geospatial Meta-data Content Standard to Link with the
	Biological Sciences, Anne Frondorf (USGS, Reston, VA), 
	Matt Jones (NCEAS, Santa Barbara, CA), Maury Nyquist and
	Susan Stitt (USGS, Denver, Co)

	Interoperable Geospatial Objects
	Jonathan Doughty, Steve Hirsch, Jim Nolan, Patrick Jones
	The MITRE Corporation

	CEN/ISSS Meta-data Framework Demonstration
	Dr Stewart Granger,	Vasari Enterprises

	Meta-data Resolution for Document Retrieval
	S. Coulondre, D. Genest and L. Spery, LIRMM

	Meta-data and Biological Sequence Annotation
	T. Libourel, I. Mougenot, J. Sallantin and L. Spery, LIRMM

	Meta-data for a Content-based Search Prototype
	Cris Koutsougeras, Bill P. Buckles, and Saud Amernd, Tulane University

	GenThes: A General Thesaurus Browser for Web-based Catalogue Systems
	Ralf Nikolai, Ralf Kramer, Marc Steinhaus, Bruno Felluga, Paolo Plini
	Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI)

	Meta Messages in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
	C. Huemer & A M. Tjoa
	Institute of Applied Computer Science, University of Vienna

	Advancements in the Integrated Management of Site Meta-data for
	Multi-agency Weather/Climate Data Networks, Anne Viront-Lazar
	USDOC/NOAA/NESDIS/National Climatic Data Center
	A Meta-Data Based Development Strategy for Evolutionary	Information Systems, 
        Ralf-Detlef Kutsche, Asuman Sünbül 
	Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering, ISST, Berlin
	Using XML-Structured Meta-data to Automate Quality Assurance Processing
	for Ecological Data, Matthew B. Jones, Rudolf Nottrott, Mark Schildhauer	
	National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

	Validator - A Commercial Meta-data Standards Setting and Enforcement Tool
	Richard J. Orli, Kismet Analytic Corp.

	An Information System for Global Climatic Change Research	
	Using MARC/FGDC Meta-data Standards 
	(An Interinstitutional Project in Mexico)
	Enedina Ortega, Jose Torres, Sergio Arregumn, Luis Ruiz-Suarez,
	Ivan Delgado, Huberto Batiz, Alejandro Palacios, Salvador Montufar

        Extending the Meta-data Capabilities of a Non-Extensible DBMS    
        J-C Pazzaglia, Mediatech S.R.L.
        S.M. Embury, Cardiff University 

        NSBRI Data Archive: Promise and Challenges
        Dr. Ross Reedstrom, Research Scientist
        Rice University, Computer and Information Technology Institute

        A Metadata Architecture for Representing Electronic Documents on the Web
        Ana Maria de Carvalho Moura, Maria Luiza Machado Campos, Cassia Maria Barreto
        Instituto Militar de Engenharia 

Lodging information is available at the conference Web site.

Beverages and snacks will be offered during the morning and afternoon
breaks.  During the conference, lunch is on your own.  Tuesday night
there is a catered reception held together with the poster session.

This program is physically accessible to people with disabilities.  Requests 
for sign interpretation or other auxiliary aids should be directed to Keisha
Sanders at 301-713-0573 (voice or Relay) or 301-713-0982 (TDD only).

Detailed location and transportation information is at the conference Web site

Early, on-line registration is strongly encouraged (deadline: March
*** On-site registration can only be accomplished with a credit card. ***

   www:    http://www.llnl.gov/liv_comp/metadata/md99/md99.html

Proceedings will be published electronically, as were the proceedings of the
Second IEEE Meta-Data Conference at
There will be low cost hardcopy proceedings available for conference


Robert Coyne     IBM        - Chair
Merritt Jones    MITRE
Ben Kobler       NASA


Nabil Adam                  	Rutgers University/ NASA
Al Aho                        	Columbia University
Owen Ambur                 	Fish & Wildlife Service
Anne O'Donnell Ball        	NOAA
Gerald Barton                 	NOAA
Barbara Bicking              	Environmental Sys. Research Institute
Terence Critchlow           	Lawrence Livermore National Labs 
Sara Graves                   	U. of Alabama, Huntsville
Dave Johnson                 	Earthware Systems, Australia
Hermann Maurer            	Technical University Graz, Austria
Chris Miller                   	NOAA - chair           
Matt Morgenstern           	Xerox
Ron Musick                    	Lawrence Livermore National Labs - vice chair
Doug Nebert                   	United States Geological Survey
Len Seligman                  	MITRE
Sushma Singhal              	Raytheon ITSS
Kshitij Shah                    	SoftPlus

Terry Smith                    	UCSB
Mark Whiting                  	Pacific Northwest Lab 
Matthias Zingler              	European Space Agency, Italy

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Ron Musick                        			Christopher Miller
Program Vice Chair                     		        Program Chair                 
Lawrence Livermore National Lab   	        	NOAA/Environmental Info. Services
P.O. Box 808, L-561               			1315 East-West Highway, Room 15531
Livermore, CA 94551               			Silver Spring, MD 20910
rmusick@llnl.gov                  			miller@esdim.noaa.gov
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