SGML: Meeting Anouncement for HL7-SGML Mixer

Meeting Anouncement for HL7-SGML Mixer

From: "John C. Spinosa, MD, PhD"
To: "'HL7@VIRGINIA.EDU'";;; 
Subject: Meeting Anouncement for HL7-SGML Mixer
Date: Wednesday, May 21, 1997 9:20PM


I am posting this on behalf of Liora Alschuler who is out of the country at
present. This anouncement has been cross posted to several listservs as
well as comp.text.sgml.

************        ANNOUNCEMENT        ***************

  HL7 SGML Mixer: Medical Claims Processing with SGML

    ************   July 24 -- 25  **************

We are pleased to announce the upcoming "HL7 SGML Mixer: Medical Claims
Processing with SGML," a two-day seminar to take place July 24-25 in the San
Diego/La Jolla area. The event is cosponsored by:

* GCARI (Graphic Communications Association Research Institute;

* HL7 SGML SIG (Health Level 7, SGML Special Interest Group;

* SGMLOpen (

The event is open to all participants, regardless of affiliation, for a
modest fee to cover our costs. 
AGENDA:	Showcase Tools, Respond to Federal RFP

The two-day session has a double agenda:
1) Introduce SGML-based tools and technology to developers and users of
healthcare information systems.

2) Address the manner in which HL7 can use SGML-based tools and technology
to respond to an RFP being issued by the US Health Care Financing Authority
(HCFA) regarding electronic submission and processing of Medicare and
Medicaid claims.

The HCFA RFP is the first to be issued in compliance with the requirements
of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA, known as
Kennedy-Kassebaum) which mandates creation and use of standardized
electronic medical records. 

It is the intent of HL7, the parent organization of the HL7 SGML SIG, to
respond to the Federal RFP in conjunction with one of the major Medicare and
Medicaid providers. 

FORMAT:	Presentations, Tabletops, Working Sessions

The first day will start with presentations focusing on potential use of
SGML-based solutions in healthcare in general with a focus on the HCFA
scenario. After a kick-off session, two tracks may run concurrently, one
directed at management issues and a second at technical solutions. The
second portion of the day will provide a venue for table-top technology

Presentations will be chosen by a peer review process with members of all
three organizations participating. The table-top demonstrations are open to
all for a small fee.

The second day will consist of HL7 working sessions to begin formulating our
response to the Federal requirements. These sessions are open to all, with
the caveat that active participants should be well versed in the work and
objectives of HL7 and the HL7 SGML SIG. (Again, all are welcome to observe
and to become active.)


The Mixer RFP, detailing the requirements set out by the Federal government,
will be made available through these same channels the week of June 2.
Submissions for presentations will be due June 23.
Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 7.


The full Mixer RFP with details on the HCFA scenario will be sent out
through these same channels no later than June 6 and will be posted on the
Web sites of the sponsor organizations. You may also contact the
organizations cosponsoring the event or:

Liora Alschuler, HL7 SGML Mixer Program Chair or 802/785-2623 

John Spinosa, MD, PhD