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Are you interested in color measurement devices,
the latest XML best seller,
the worldwide embraced GRACoL guidelines,
a discount on a GCA conference,
joining GCA ...

...then come talk to Don Thieme, Marion Elledge, Betsy Loop, Julie Desmond and Tanya Bosse at the GCA booth!

The Graphic Communications Association is offering at their booth (#2119) the latest comprehensive guidelines for commercial printing with GCA's "GRACoL" publication for $5. GRACoL, General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography, is the first set of national guidelines for commercial printing. Graphic designers and others will find this document an excellent reference source.

Anyone concerned about color measurement should visit the GCA booth and ask about GCA's T-Ref device that ensures that a company's densitometer is accurate in its color measurements. GCA is selling T-Ref at Seybold for $90, down from the normal price of $115. T-Ref is a printed Standard Reference Material for agencies, printers, publishers, separators -- anyone who wants to control color reproduction quality.

With all the talk about XML, check out GCA's publications and in particular the new book "Designing XML Internet Applications" from Prentice Hall. GCA has marked down the book's normal price ($45) to $38 for Seybold patrons.

And if you want to attend any of GCA's annual conferences, held around the world, pick up their special Seybold $100 discount coupon for first-time attendees at a GCA event. GCA has annual conferences on digital color printing, magazine publishing, electronic commerce, postal issues, and XML/SGML publishing.

GCA, through its many technical member-based committees, orchestrates a forum in which agencies, prepress services, printers, publishers, and document management providers can interact. If you're interested in joining GCA, visit their booth where they're offering $300 off a company's first year of dues.







Co-Chairs: Mark Walter, Seybold Publications, and Tim Bray, XML.com, GCA, OASIS and XML.com present XML Day, a forum focused on XML and publishing. Topics range from dynamically publishing information when you want it to turning that information into a profit center for your corporation. High-profile industry speakers provide insight into the new territory to be explored and exploited using XML. Join us and learn how XML is working today for publishing on the Web for profit.

Dynamic Publishing: The XML Difference

Moderator: Mark Walter, Seybold Publications

This session explains how you can use XML to automate and enhance the Web publishing process. Examples will be drawn from commercial publishing, with working sites discussed and demonstrated.

Selling Content Through Syndication: What ICE Can Do For You

Moderator: Tim Bray, XML.com

Information & Content Exchange (ICE) is a general framework that will help publishers exchange content for sale over the Web. This session will explain what ICE is about, what it takes to implement, how it's working in practice today and the opportunities it presents to publishers. Updates on the progress the working group makes this summer will be included.

Using XML in Web Commerce

Moderator: Patrick Gannon, CommerceNet

The Web offers many opportunities to generate new revenues from existing information assets. What role will XML play in commerce? This session will explain where XML fits in the overall picture and then presents ways it can be applied to the sale of digital content.

Leveraging Information Assets: XML and Intranet Publishing

Moderator: Peter Lamb, Andersen Consulting

Managing the various phases of the corporate publishing cycle requires efficient processes and effective, scalable tools. But the objective of keeping a lid on costs must be balanced against the need to maximum flexibility in using information. This is primarily achieved through the use of standard schemes for creating and maintaining information assets using structured information standards. This philosophy has migrated to Web-based applications and implementations and is driving adoption of XML. Come hear from corporate users who have implemented standards to accomplish strategic business objectives as well as specific project goals.

Vendors on the Line

Moderators: Mark Walter, Seybold Publications; Tim Bray, XML.com

The seminar will close with a chance to grill vendors on their XML support and strategies (or lack thereof!). Moderated by leading XML analysts, the panel will include vendors of leading tools, including browsers and authoring/editing programs, in an open forum designed to stimulate debate and provide answers to questions too seldom asked in public. This is a great chance to ask vendors to clarify their positions and defend their practices, as well as to hear them articulate their plans for the year ahead.


See you at Seybold/San Francisco!

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