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Issued July 8, 1996

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(Alexandria, VA) — The present and future uses of the HyTime Standard, ISO 10744, will be the focus of the annual two-day HyTime 96 Conference , August 20 - 21, 1996 in Seattle, Washington, says the Graphic Communications Association (GCA).

GCA will conduct the HyTime 96 Conference as part of GCA's Information and Technology Week (August 18 - 23, 1996) — a coordinated array of conferences, workshops and tutorials.

Len Bullard of Lockheed-Martin, Huntsville, Alabama will deliver the conference keynote, "Being There: The Power of the New Media." A major technical address, "The State of ISO 10744," will be presented by Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb of Information Management Consulting, Saratoga, California.

Other plenary sessions will cover reports on the Standard Music Description Language (SMDL, ISO 10743); the AECMA 1000-D, which requires the use of HyTime for aircraft documentation; HyTime projects at Daimler-Benz, Fujitsu Ltd., and Lockheed-Martin; HyTime engines based on object/relational databases; new products that guarantee the interchange of interactive documents; the Metafile for Interactive Documents project at the Department of Defense; and HyTime's "activity tracking" facilities.

Conference chair, Steven R. Newcomb, president, TechnoTeacher, Inc., Rochester, New York says conference speakers will also include Mike Anderson, AnTech Systems, Inc.; Richard Emberson, Fujitsu Ltd.; Michel Biezunski, High Text SARL; Carla Corkern, ISOGEN International Highland Consulting; Lois Delcambre, Oregon Graduate Institute; Catherine Hamon, High Text SARL; Chris Higgins, University of Washington; Eliot Kimber, Passage Systems; Peter Newcomb, TechnoTeacher; and Robert Schnurer, Daimler-Benz.

HyTime, an extension of SGML, is the international standard for expressing the structure of hyperdocuments — documents whose content is a collection of other documents, including multimedia.

Attendees may register by contacting the GCA offices, 100 Daingerfield Road, Alexandria, VA 22314-2888, 703-519-8167. For more conference information, call Julie Morrison at 703-519-8174, or via e-mail at:

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