Migration from HTML to DITA

The benefits of XML, such as the separation of content and structure, structured format, and content reuse, are attractive to information teams.  Many teams have existing HTML files they would like to migrate to DITA.  The following are some resources to help with this process.


Paper from the Content Management Strategies Conference, April 2005 [link to be supplied]

This article walks through the project steps in the migration process and identifies decision points, including what documents to migrate and when to do it. The article focuses on the best practices that have been successfully implemented by multiple teams who have migrated projects of various sizes to DITA. The strategies focus on determining the project goals, then identifying the most efficient migration path.


HTML to DITA migration checklist

Checklist for using the DITA Toolkit Migration Transform including Tidy processing


HTML to DITA Elements

                Table of HTML elements, usage, and corresponding DITA elements.