4DOM - An Implementation of the W3C DOM Spec in Python

Subject:   Announcement: 4DOM, an implementation of the W3C DOM Spec in Python 
Author:    Uche Ogbuji
Email:     uche@malatesta.local
Date:      1998/11/05
Forums:    comp.text.xml

FourThought LLC (http://FourThought.com) announces the release of:

                             4DOM 0.6.0
              A CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C's
                       Document Object Model
                            in Python

4DOM is a close implementation of the DOM, including DOM Core level 1, DOM HTML level 1, and a few utility and helper components. 4DOM was designed from the start to work in a CORBA environment. Currently, the open-source Python orb, Fnorb is supported, indeed required.

4DOM is designed to allow developers rapidly design applications that read, write or manipulate HTML and XML.

But what about PyDOM?

Please note that the Python XML-SIG is working on a separate DOM implementation. PyDOM will suit many Python users very well, but it was designed more to fit into Python style than to follow the DOM specification closely. 4DOM simply adopts a different set of priorities. We attempt a very close match to the DOM spec. 4DOM was also designed with the ability to run various components over an ORB. 4DOM is definitely more heavyweight than PyDOM.

More info and Obtaining 4DOM

Please see:


4DOM is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library Public License (LGPL).


Uche Ogbuji
Consulting Member, FourThought LLC
http://FourThought.com          http://OpenTechnology.org